Surenail Shingle

You see this damage from an oklahoma wind storm:

The last year we have been using a product from Owens Corning called SureNail that brings the latest roofing technology to Oklahoma.

Curb Appeal Roofing is one of only a handful of Owens Corning (OC) Certified installers in Oklahoma. Curb Appeal roofing installs all Owens Corning products in accordance with manufacturers specifications, allowing you to get the most of of your Owens Corning warranty. We can do this through the use of OC SureNail shingles.

SureNail is a shingle formulated to be resistant to uplift and damage in up to 130 mile per hour winds. This is incredibly important to us Oklahomans, with our extreme weather. SureNail uses a reinforcing woven fabric nailing area with an enhanced tru-bond sealant with triple layer protection.

Below is a diagram of the SureNail shingle.